Why Tobacco Cessation Classes?

Did you know that tobacco use is the leading cause of lost production time? It ranks higher than alcohol abuse or family emergencies. According to the National Business Group on Health (2008), tobacco-related health and productivity loses cost employers $167.5 BILLION.

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As part of Tobacco Free Florida AHEC’s Cessation Program provides employers free on-site tobacco cessation resources.  AHEC is the in-person option of Tobacco Free Florida’s Quit Your Way.

  • We come to the worksite and teach tobacco users how to quit.
  • Our services are FREE.
  • FREE Nicotine Replacement: FREE nicotine patches, lozenges and gum to help tobacco users cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms (while supplies last and if medically appropriate). 
  • Group Counseling:

    Is an effective and critical component of any quit attempt, and can double the success rate of quitting tobacco.

Tobacco Free Florida’s AHEC Cessation Program Offers Two Options:

Option 1: A 2-hour session where participants learn how to develop a successful quit plan. 

Option 2: Support groups meet once a week for 6 weeks and cover a variety of topics including coping with withdrawal symptoms, managing addiction and preventing relapse.

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